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Velocity Systems ?


Verified Military
Dec 4, 2006
Was looking at the LE/Active Shooter Chest Rig

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Or maybe the UW Gen IV

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The quality you'll get with Velocity Systems gear is great. What I don't particularly like is the lack of flexibility with most of their line-up when it comes to pouch and magazine configuration (ex. I have three chest rigs instead of what'd ideally be two).

If I was buying new from the Velocity right now I'd check out their "Pusher" rig which comes with 5.56, 7.62x51, and 7.62x39 inserts, or Spiritus Systems' Micro Fight Chest Rig System (which also accepts inserts). Both options can be attached to a plate carrier using SwiftClips/QASMs.


Verified Military
Jan 22, 2018
pert near Lake Erie
I’ve been running the Velocity Systems PC with the Haliey Strategic 4 M4/3 pistol mag, also has two admin pouches. It’s great for me as a sniper because I can unclip the whole rig, lay in the prone comfortablely, and still have plates on. I just throw the whole rig in my deployment bag.