Welcome to the ShadowSpear SOF Mentor Program

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Sep 9, 2006
Welcome to the ShadowSpear SOF Mentor Program.
Joining a Mentorship Circle
Per the suggestions of numerous members, we have created mentor circles within our "SOF Mentor Program." We have a number of categories in order for you to find a mentor with the background you are looking for, since it is obvious one size does not fit all. You are more than welcome to "shop" around to find a mentor, but please note that each mentor might have requirements for joining his or her circle. Check out the different circles, and if you find one you feel is appropriate for you, simply follow the mentor’s posted rules for that particular circle.
After joining, members are free to leave a membership circle at any time, without affecting their membership status on the site (unless site rules are broken). Members of mentor circles might also be asked to leave at the discretion of the circle’s main mentor. If you'd rather not use the mentor circles, feel free to post in the below forum to solicit input from the entire community.
You will find mentors from many different backgrounds, and with many different mentoring styles. What happens in the mentorship circles is between the mentors and the circle members. Consequently, ShadowSpear staff will usually not intervene in any disputes arising inside the circles, either with the mentor or the way he/she runs their circle (exceptions including violations of site policy and illegal/unethical activity). Although we expect mentors to uphold the site policy and the high standards of the SOF community, the intent is to give mentors wide latitude in deciding the best techniques for his or her circle.
Becoming a Mentor
Only vetted members are permitted to mentor and no permission is required from the staff. To become a mentor, simple create a mentorship circle through the link in the navbar. If later you decide that you no longer want to be a mentor, we request that you delete your circle, or send a request to a moderator requesting that the circle be locked. If you would like an additional mentorship category added, please make the suggestion in the help desk portion of the forum.
Additional Guidance for Mentors and Circle Members
This forum is primarily for verified SOF personnel to mentor the men and women who have taken the first steps to join the ranks of SOF. This is a forum for all SOF units, and all SOF specialties and career fields. This is NOT a forum for chest-beating and spouting off about how bad you are/were/are going to be. Professionalism is key.
This is not the forum for generalized questions about “what SOF unit is right for me” or “what can I expect in “XXX unit.” This is for men and women who have made a commitment to a specific SOF path and are seeking mentors to help them reach their specific goals.
The primary posters in the SOF mentorship circles will be site members who have “Verified SOF” or “Verified SOF Support” tags beneath their usernames, and the people asking them questions. An obvious exception to this rule is if you are a subject matter expert in a certain area that is under discussion in a particular thread.
Please note that features will be upgraded and modified from time to time to improve your circle. If, for whatever reason, there is a considerable change to the scripting that will ultimately result in the loss of data, you will be notified in advance to copy the pertinent data. The ShadowSpear SOF Mentor Program is BETA, and efforts to improve it will be ongoing.
Some Final Words of Advice for Individuals Seeking Mentorship
Put a post here https://shadowspear.com/vb/threads/first-post.9518/page-2 describing your specific SOF goals, the research you have done on those goals, the steps you have already taken to meet them, and what you see as your current plan of action.
Nothing you have done so far in your life is going to impress anyone else here. It’s what you do from here on out that counts. Be honest, be humble, and most importantly be yourself. Internet badasses don’t last long here, and neither will you if you come in with some kind of attitude (this applies equally to Mentors and circle members).
Do your research first. You’ll probably get your feelings hurt if you don’t. Don’t waste our time and yours by asking questions that have been previously asked and answered on the site.
Thank you for your commitment to serve our country, and for taking the first steps towards joining our ranks in the SOF community.
Good luck.
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