What Are Some "jack Of All Trade" Jobs?

Discussion in 'Special Operations Selection Preparation' started by Seajack, Nov 18, 2010.

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    Ah, you're right! My bad on the misinformation. Do you know if you go through the same process as STO by selecting another AFSC prior to attending selection? For those heading into OCS/OTS. Domo arigato!
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    Yes, you go through Phase I/II, selection, pipeline for STO regardless of previous experience/AFSC.

    Also, to be clear- at this time, there are an EXTREMELY limited number of CRO's at an STS. None, in fact, at England, or Japan, or Hurlburt. While the CRO career field is being figured out there are currently no billets for a CRO position at most of these units, although rumors are flying that those could soon appear.

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