Why do we do this? Items to consider.


Apr 18, 2017
Fort Sam Houston, TX
I thought about editing this, using my mod powers, but thought I'd drop the mod hat and speak plainly as me, and give you a short lesson in some of the informal board nuances and accepted norms.

1. When addressing me using the familiar moniker "Troll" it is capitalized to differentiate me from internet trolls. Please respect this.

2. Those who do use the familiar moniker (if you'll look, and check a few profiles) are for the most part long time members, SOF, military, and although it does not appear in the profiles friends or chosen family. Sorry, you have 2 posts and are a complete unknown to me; there fore I find the familiarity a little off-putting. Should you care, at some future time, wish to address me using "Troll" because others have done so, please use the conventions shown by those others who have used that name.

3. We are a familiar group, but we are also a bit hierarchical, due to our military bent. This is not a high school lunch room, sometimes it can seem that way, but it's not.

4. Since it's fairly obvious that I am once again a moderator on this site, it begs the question - Would you address a teacher, or counselor at your school by a nickname used by others if you had not been invited to do so?

I'm not trying to give you a hard time or shame you, I'm trying to teach you a little something before you decide to enlist. Protocol is important in the military, it will be enforced and if it needs to be enforced, you will definitely NOT like it.

Drive on, go do teenager things.
@x SF med It has been quite awhile since I have been on this forum so I apologize for:

A) not acknowledging your response to my post sooner

B) Making a poor initial impression on this forum.

However, All my time spent on this forum since then has been spent reading and gathering as much information as possible. I am still very new to the Army, as I am only in the beginning of AIT as a 68W, but I have come a long way since then.

Thank you for the response, as I am sure my mistake has showed others how to correctly address individuals here.

Now I have another question, if it is not too late for redemption. As an aspiring SOF medic, what is expected of me to do here as a medic in training in order to get to SOF?

I understand that my question is vague, but being at the beginning steps of the Army, it seems like theres only so much I can do here besides get a good PT score and GPA in class, but I always ask myself, what more can I do than that? Again, @x SF med, I extend my apologies for my inappropriate etiquette.


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Jan 18, 2019
I have read the OP tens of times now, as well as Viper1's addition, and it never fails to stoke the flame.


Sep 17, 2019
This is the ideology people need to apply to their lives everyday. Special Operations or not.